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About Us

Kembla Air-Con (S) Pte Ltd is an air-con company with a local reputation as an innovative, dependable and high quality air-con installer. The company commenced operation in 1999 with a commitment to the customer and registered with BCA Contractors Registry with workheads code ME01 and of grade L5. We have also been granted bizSAFE level 3 and is certified to comply with ISO 9001 : 2008 standards. 

Kembla Air-Con (S) Pte Ltd is a vital force air-con installer in local market. To date, we have completed more than 30 projects and some projects are still on going (Project Gallery). Our job responsibility includes Design, Planning, Meeting, Supervision & Coordinating, Drawing and Maintenance (Defect Liability).

Our team includes Project Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and Direct Workers. All of our projects were completed by our own team.